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Glass Containers Filled With Various Vegetables

Glass containers are a must for your food.

Back when I started this whole crazy food journey, I noticed that organic food costs more. It should. More time and effort goes into harvesting that food than the creepy frankinfood that is readily available to us for a fraction of the cost.

I used to use plastic because that’s what everyone else uses. Rubbermaid, Tupperwear, Zip lock baggies… I even put those plastic containers in the microwave and zapped my food. Gross.

So I started learning about the food we eat and what was what. I learned that microwaves create a chemical change in your food. It destroys the food properties and it becomes not food. It still looks like food, but it isn’t. Combine that with the chemicals given off from the plastic container and BOOM. I’ve got myself a cancer dinner and no nutrition. Yummy.

I started noticing my vegetables didn’t last long in plastic. Why didn’t I notice before? Once I started paying more for my food it quickly became a priority. I want that shit to last as long as possible. Bell peppers are what made me take notice. They do not like plastic. They get mushy and turn white with rot very quickly, especially if the pepper has been cut and the exposed inside comes in contact with the plastic.

I started using glass containers for everything. I also keep my fridge very cold. My food now lasts a very long time. It’s amazing. So in the end, I’m breaking even or spending even less than I was before buying the more expensive foods. Before, if something went bad I just threw it out and got more – it’s cheap. Now there is no waste and I save money.

I bought a Couronne Company all-glass hummingbird feeder last summer. I put it out and the water lasted for days and days. My previous feeder had a plastic bottom and it made the water go rancid very quickly. In the North Carolina heat, it only lasts a day or two. Now I can feed these little guys and not worry I’ve made them sick with mildew, dyes, or chemicals if I forget to check the feeder every day.

Glass is annoying because it’s breakable. That does suck. I just try to be careful. It’s totally worth the effort. Other food safe storage materials include ceramic stonewear and stainless steel. Aluminum is ok for dry goods only.

A long time ago I did some web work for a client that sold bikinis. He told me that he went to a textiles convention and saw a fabric that was a derivative of glass. It was developed by a German company, I believe. A white fabric could have red wine spilled on it and with a dip into some water, the wine was gone. Why the hell don’t we have this for glass zip locks??? A solid form of this (not porous) would be great to make pliable glass bags (assuming it doesn’t have some toxic shit in it that makes it pliable). That’s got to be the main reason, outside of cost, that people migrated to plastic – no breakage. I suppose a girl can dream… 🙂

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