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White Pills In Shape Of A Frowny Face

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

FDA approval does not mean a product is safe and has been verified as such by the FDA. The FDA does NOT perform any type of independent studies on products that are submitted for approval. They rely on the people or entity submitting the food or drug for approval to provide that information to them. No one is going to include any more information than they have to in order to get approved. Example: U.S. Right to Know

Another facet to consider regarding the FDA is that they are in bed with big pharma. We are 100 years behind the rest of the world in holistic medicine because the pharmaceutical industry is a capitalized juggernaut that needs to make its money. They want us to believe that these drugs are the only way to cure what ails us and anything less is considered ridiculous or insane. If our bodies weren’t so worn down from eating fake garbage food, we wouldn’t need all these maintenance drugs and vaccinations. Since that’s not the reality, we are more prone to disease because the body can’t defend against environmental threats with a weakened immune system and over all bad health.

An example of FDA corruption is the 1984 scandal around the Bayer Corp. Bayer created a medicine for hemophiliacs called Factor 8. Back then we didn’t have the rigorous testing for AIDS in donated blood that we do now. It would be discovered many years later that they had knowingly given AIDS to over 6,000 U.S. citizens in which a class action lawsuit was filed and won. Bayer paid out $660 million to settle the cases.

But before that occurred, Bayer didn’t want to lose out on the $4 million worth of infected drugs they needed to sell. The FDA authorized the sale of this drug to France, England, Asia, and Latin America. Thousands more people were infected, mostly children and their families. Some leaders in these countries that allowed this to happen have been brought to justice and are serving time. I’m not certain if all government leaders involved in allowing the infected drug into their country were persecuted. It was covered up in the United States so as not to cause any issues for Bayer and the FDA. No one has yet been held accountable in the U.S. (that I could find).

Below are some more sources on the Bayer scandal so you know I’m not completely mental. When I heard about this I actually assumed it was “fake news” given the magnitude of what they stood accused of, but discovered upon investigation it is indeed true. I didn’t want to believe it and actually didn’t do any research for a few days after I read the initial article. It kept nagging at me so I looked into it:


Fear: a corrupt business’ best friend.

The pharmaceutical industry uses fear to peddle their poison. People get super passionate about vaccinations. I am an anti-vaccer. Before you gather the angry mob and get ready to burn me at the stake… I am allergic to many pharmaceuticals. I have trouble expelling mercury and other poisons from my body. Most of my family is like this. If someone tried to force me to get a vaccination for no reason I’d go ape shit. If I’m dying and modern medicine is needed to save me, then fine; I’m not going to fight it. But I don’t get vaccinated out of fear.

I’ve had several adverse reactions to over the counter drugs. Some medicines that are supposed to be non-drowsy make me so tired I can’t stay awake. Some antibiotics make my skin feel like there are bugs crawling on me or inside my skin. And let’s not leave out the yeast infections that many antibiotics provide.

I can’t be around any type of man made chemical scents, plastics that emit a scent (like rubber) and other hydrocarbons, printing ink, cleaning chemicals, skin care products, air fresheners, etc. The chemicals in these types of products make me sick with migraine, nausea, and vomiting. It can also trigger a sort of nervous system seizure (I can’t remember what the doctor called it – hyper-something). My face, arms, and legs will go numb and I won’t be able to move or talk until the incident passes. It makes my hands and feet curl inward toward my body and I can’t straighten them out. Needless to say, going somewhere like a shopping mall is not happening. The last time I went into a mall (about 5 years ago) I nearly ran to the door on my way out. All of the stores and their smells… Yankee Candle, Bath & Body Works, plastics, perfumes, chemicals… You can’t escape it in a mall.

In 2013 I had trouble waking up from anesthesia and went into seizures. I had a reaction to one or more of the drugs administered. They had to try five times to wake me up.

In 2007 I took an antibiotic for a sinus infection called Omnicef (generic name is Cefdinir) and it gave me hives. I still have them. The doctor said I will probably have them for the rest of my life. I had to take an antihistamine every day for almost four years or I’d scratch myself to death. It was beyond itchy. They have calmed down and I no longer need to take the antihistamine, but if I scratch myself, get my face waxed, or eat poor quality carbs like bread or crackers I will break out in hives. Some detergents and scented products will also make me itch.

Now when I’m facing immune issues or environmental threats I just take manuka honey, zinc, and essential oils.*

Another example is eczema. I have a really bad iced coffee habit (I have slowed down to one cup a day instead of four). I was drinking too much milk and threw my system all out of whack. I gave myself eczema on my scalp (there are many different types of eczema). I looked online to see how to treat it. If you go to a doctor they’ll give you antibiotics and/or steroids, which can end up giving folks a permanent heart condition and usually doesn’t even get rid of the eczema. Instead I used Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar on my scalp during a shower. I applied it four times and it was gone.

That’s the kind of shit that really razzes me. A doctor must knowingly prescribe a drug that could give the patient a permanent heart condition, also knowing it probably won’t get rid of the issue. Is he literally not allowed to prescribe vinegar for this type of eczema? I’m not saying the doctor doesn’t know anything or that I know more than him. He may not be able to do anything about it by law. I think a lot more doctors would delve into natural cures and treatments if they were allowed.

I was told some years ago that medical doctors do not have a required nutrition course in medical school. I don’t know if this is still the case. It’s like everyone has gone mad and I’m standing here like “Doesn’t anyone have a problem with this?!”

Will Ferrel in Zoolander

One of my dogs also had a reaction to a vaccination once and he got Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (IMHA). He then developed Cushings disease from the steroid he was given to get rid of the IMHA.

Get out of the matrix

It’s ok to question authority. Find your own way, but be smart about it. Verify your information in many places. It’s like we can’t comprehend that we could be lied to on such a large capacity because it’s too horrible to accept; We just do what we’re told as if everything the doctors say is the gospel and shouldn’t be refuted because they couldn’t possibly be wrong. They are simply the messengers of how we’re legally allowed to treat said illness. The fact that the law makers are wrong about our health (in many ways) disrupts what we’ve been taught to believe and some folks have issues addressing that realization.

I read a great deal about history, WWII and the Holocaust in particular. Some of the lies that have been told and things that have been done by governments around the world that were declassified many decades later tells the sad story of corrupt leadership that has always been in place. It really is a Game of Thrones and we are all pawns for the high lords and ladies. People like Cersei Lannister and Ramsay Bolton run the world we live in. The only difference from that fictional world and ours is that they kill us wearing a lab coat or suit instead of using wild fire and blood-magic. SHAME!

Septa Unella in Game of Thrones

These man made drugs are trying to mimic what nature can already do itself in many ways. They tend to do a lot of harm, though. Look at small molecule medicines – About 98% of all small molecule medicines do not pass the blood-brain barrier in humans. The medicine can’t pass through the cell membrane to affect the desired treatment. So you’re taking a pill that’s potentially doing some really bad shit and not doing anything that it is supposed to.

Essential oils DO pass through the blood-brain barrier, acting very much like powerful drugs such as anesthesia, narcotics, and alcohol. Essential oils are lipid soluble and since cell membranes are made of lipids, they easily pass through the cell wall without disrupting the cell’s normal functions and can start helping you immediately.** Just be sure to use Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils made by a reputable company to ensure you’re using pure, safe oils. Essential oils are easily adulterated with cheaper toxic chemicals, so be careful.

I’m not saying I don’t appreciate an antibiotic for certain illnesses like Lyme disease or prostate cancer. That is amazing and I am grateful we have this for extreme cases. However, they shouldn’t be eaten like PEZ.

Over the last five years or so we’ve had a shortage on Doxycycline because the military is gobbling it up. When military personnel deploy to another country they are given a one year supply of Doxycycline and told to take it every day whether they’re sick or not.

The VA Hospital gives out Ibuprofen like it’s candy. I’m surprised they don’t have some in a candy dish at the front desk.

Ultimately, what we should all be seeking here is balance.

Nature is big on balance and we are made from nature. Going to extremes sometimes causes issues. Being afraid and terrified of you or your child getting sick can cause decisions to be made that can be regretted later.

On one extreme side you have parents that get their kid juiced up on every new vaccine on the market. They smugly proclaim “MY kid isn’t getting sick!” Then the kid gets sick from a reaction to a vaccination. On the other extreme side, parents will try to be SO holistic that they actually made their children sick or even killed them accidentally; Nervous parents starving their children of fat, protein, foods with gluten, and all sorts of stuff they need at this stage of development.

What has helped me?

There is a balance to be found. Don’t give in to immediate fear. I wait to make a decision after I’ve had time to think and have calmed down from the initial knowledge of said illness or problem (obviously if it’s an emergency, don’t dick around too long). I let those chemicals in my brain simmer down a little before acting. Then I research all my options – not just the ones everyone else is doing.

On the other hand I seek out the proper help at the right time. I don’t wait until it’s too late. If something isn’t working, I mustn’t be prideful or unwilling to recognize that my current knowledge isn’t correct. Keep researching and see what’s new: Don’t get stuck in outdated information once new facts are available. Be willing to learn and adapt.

Thanks for reading. I hope I didn’t piss anyone off. It’s not my intent. I’m happy to discuss and learn if anyone is open to a positive conversation. 🙂

*The FDA doesn’t allow me to say things like “honey, zinc, or essential oils get rid of a cold” so I have to say the “environmental threat” fluff instead (but for some reason I can say it here when clarifying terminology).

**Reference: Modern Essentials, Eighth Edition

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