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Panda Has Been Around For A Long Time. I Drink My Hot Coffee With Him In The Mornings.

For my very first blog post, I thought it fitting to talk about my little homestead up in Pennsylvania.

My grandparents bought this little trailer back in the 70’s from a couple that no longer wanted it. The wife wasn’t the outdoorsy type. My grandma, Meem said she raved about not being able to keep the carpet clean because leaves are always getting tracked inside. I’ll admit, it drives me nuts as well, but what are ya gonna do?

The trailer is an old Crestline that is stationary and does not move. Pap, my grandfather and Meem added a closed front porch with a fireplace and voila, more room. The front of the trailer is just a wood frame and storm windows. A determined bear could lean on it and the whole thing would probably collapse. lol. On cold nights we close the trailer doors and keep it warm since the front isn’t insulated. It ain’t the Ritz Carlton, but it works.

Inside is a treasure trove of expired home decor and second hand love. Meem has lovingly furnished it with all of her leftover bits and pieces. There is actually some pretty cool stuff up there. A JC Penny Fall/Winter catalog from 1982 is on the book shelf in the kitchen. Original board games from the 1950’s. We even have a set of Jarts. Shh! Don’t tell. I swear we’re careful with them. 😉 The stove is an old Hotpoint and let me tell you – That thing gets crazy hot. The door gets almost as hot as the oven. Old school. It’s a smaller width with 3 burners, but you can still put a turkey or roast in it, just have to put it in turned vertically. I dig the stove. Speaking of hot, Meem also has a nice collection of old electric blankets. Newer ones are made to not get as hot and they tend to die very soon. Not these ones. Holy smokes. Huge fire hazard? Probably.

The camp has electricity and running water, but we can’t drink it. No matter, though – It’s my pleasure to get fresh water from a spring up the road. Clean. Full of minerals and vitamins. I alternate between two springs near me to make sure I’m keeping things varied.

There is no cell service at camp. My cousins have a camp right next door and they have a landline. Yes, I just said landline. When I’m there I grab their cordless and BOOM, instant phone. No one can leave a message, but it is very handy to have, especially when you’re there alone. I’ve been waiting to get internet up there since, oh, forever… Too many trees for satellite. However, this year Exede Internet is supposedly going to have a new satellite up and I will have a great view of the southern sky. Now, you might be asking why would I want internet so badly in my place of peace and quiet? Because I need it to do my work. I build websites and must be able to access the interwebs. My husband is a carpenter and is also in the Army reserve. He will go on a deployment in the future which will leave me alone for a very long time. If I have internet at camp I can stay there for the entire season (we close the camp in the winter). I can’t imagine being able to stay there and do my work; Looking out at those mountains and coding it up… Hell yes! BTW, I swear like a sailor. I will not drop the F bomb (it may be implied, though), but I make no promises on the rest… 😉

Below is a photo gallery of my camp. Please don’t laugh too hard. It’s a roof over my head and it stays warm. It’s all I need.

Home sweet home. This is our family camp in Sinnemahoning, PA.
Mishka Dog - A chocolate Cocker Spaniel who was my best buddy for almost 17 years. I miss this little dude.
Here is my view from inside the camp. This is my TV - the mountains. There is no cell phone reception here or TV.
Two old, ugly recliners that have been handed down to the camp.
Recipes older than me, but always good.
The kitchen. When you walk in this place, it's like walking into the 1950s. The Hotpoint oven rules.
Panda has been around for a long time. I drink my hot coffee with him in the mornings.
The "Master Bedroom" inside the trailer.
A small bed for one person in the back of the trailer.
The bathroom complete with ruffled curtains, courtesy of Meem.
The fireplace and Mishka Dog.
Up the river. The water is very shallow and one can walk across the creek. Only up to my ankles here.
Down the river.
Up the river, or crick, as we call it.
Our view of the mountain across the crick from camp.
Down the crick at the end of the day.
The mighty camp fire.
Purple Foxgloves at the state park up the road.
Purple Foxgloves at the state park up the road.
A waterfall on the way to camp on Wykoff Run Road. This is 3 images I stitched together.
A tree just before the falls with the roots exposed.
A tree just before the falls with the roots exposed.
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    1. Maybe not ALL, but it has what I need and then some. I wish you guys could swing up there next time you’re home when the weather is warm. I think you’d love it.

  1. I LOVE this post and the pictures. I think the impact that places have on our lives is so often underestimated, especially when you have a place with so much heart and family history woven into it. Beautiful.

    1. Girl! So glad you got registered and commented. If we ever get rich and don’t have to work, we’ll take off for a bit to my little camp. 😉 And yes, this place is very special to me. So many memories with my grandparents and cousins. Seeing the wildlife… It’s good stuff.

    1. Me, too, girl! I have a nice pile of stuff all ready to go up there. I need to call the internet dude soon and see about that whole business. 🙂

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