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Fresh Fruit Salad Using DoTERRA Wild Orange Essential Oil

Fruit salad is a great way to have your sweets and stay healthy.

I hosted an essential oil class the other night and I made some food using the oils for the attendees to try. One of them was a fresh fruit salad tossed in doTERRA’s Wild Orange essential oil. It turned out really good. The flavor is insane.

This recipe is quick, easy, and delicious:

– Blueberries
– Strawberries
– Red Raspberries
– 2-3 Kiwis
– 1-2 Bananas
– doTERRA’s Wild Orange Essential Oil

Peel and slice kiwi. Slice strawberries if they’re not bite-size. Combine in bowl with blueberries and red raspberries. Put about 6-8 drops of the Wild Orange in your palm and then rub your hands together. Then mix the fruit salad with your hands. That will evenly distribute the oil. You may want to add more if you’re making a larger salad. Place in fridge. I always add the bananas right before I’m ready to serve the fruit salad and I place them on top. I don’t mix them in. This prevents them from turning brown and getting mushy.

At this time I want to stress the importance of using pure, therapeutic grade oils when you are ingesting them. Because the FDA doesn’t regulate essential oils they are very easily adulterated with toxic synthetic compounds. The FDA won’t recognize these natural oils as having healing or curing properties because the pharmaceutical industry would shit itself with woe. You can’t patent nature, thus you can’t make money on it (unless you’re Monsanto – which they have done – see The Future of Food). Big pharma wants us to buy their drugs instead. I’m not saying I refuse to go to a modern medical doctor. If I’m in serious trouble, I’ll go. I just prefer to take care of myself naturally first, as I am allergic to many man-made drugs.

I work in advertising. I’ve seen how some businesses choose to market themselves. We have allowed healthcare, the media, and our food to become capitalized entities. A lot of businesses lie to get sales; They even lie about what is safe for us to ingest. *Gasp*

“Think for yourself. Question authority.”

– Maynard James Keenan

Ok, I’m getting off track here. Sometime I might get up on my soap box and talk about the state of our food and healthcare in this country, but not today…

DoTERRA does eleven rounds of in-house testing on every batch of essential oil. That batch then goes to an independent lab and is tested there. You can go to and type in the serial number that is present on the bottom of every doTERRA oil bottle and view these test results, purity, etc. DoTERRA is 200% committed to transparency, purity, and potency. You can enjoy these oils as they were meant to be – in a safe and healthy way.

This is why I decided to use doTERRA’s products. I researched their company a great deal, like I do with any product I’m thinking about using. I found out that they’re actually good people in spite of how hard I looked to find dirt on them.

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