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Pickled Eggs With Beets

If you don’t like beets or eggs, you probably won’t like this recipe.

However, if you DO like them this will knock your socks off. Pickled eggs are simple and so yummy. They are a delicacy in PA and we love them like we love our kraut (which a lot of folks don’t like, either). I’m still holding out hope for my husband… He’ll come around one of these days. 😉

Anywho… Here’s the recipe. Enjoy!

2-3 Fresh Beets (canned beets work, too)

1 Dozen Eggs

1 Cup Sugar

1 Cup Vinegar

Hard boil the eggs. While they are cooking you can prep the vinegar and sugar by combining them into a sauce pan and heating them until the sugar is melted. I like to use organic raw cane sugar instead of processed sugar. If you do this, use less than 1 cup of sugar as it is much sweeter than processed sugar. I like to use white vinegar for my pickled eggs. As much as I love Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar, it gives them a taste I don’t like. The white vinegar also gives them a more deep purple color. I always urge folks to use Bragg’s Apple cider vinegar when possible, so if you like this better go for it! It has the mother culture and is great for keeping your tummy healthy and acid levels at a normal rate.

Slice or chop fresh beets into chunks and boil until cooked. Add them to the vinegar-sugar mixture in a tall skinny container, preferably glass. If using canned beets they can be immediately combined with the vinegar-sugar mixture.

Peel your eggs and add to the mixture. Push them all down below the beets so they are covered. Seal your container and put in the fridge. They usually take a couple days to turn deep purple. Usually by day three they are looking really good.

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